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The ArcEquine is the smallest wide-spectrum microcurrent device in the world. It is a wearable, completely drug-free, and non-invasive pain management and tissue repair system designed for equine use. 

The ArcEquine supports the body's naturally occurring biocurrents in order to boost the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) within cells. ATP is the energy providing molecule that is required for all metabolic cellular processes which are fundamental for facilitating pain management and tissue repair. 

For a period of time, cells within injured tissues exhibit a significantly reduced ability to heal and regenerate. With applied microcurrents the production of ATP can increase up to 500%, allowing healing to start earlier and accelerating the body’s own natural recovery.

  • Increase ATP

  • Increase Protein Synthesis

  • Reduce Inflammation

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Last year Arc Microtech announced their decision to withdraw from the 2 step distribution and retail trade. Having worked with Arc for many years and stocking their full range of products in Ireland we were sad to hear this. The good news is by stepping back they have drastically reduced the prices of their full kits to make them accessible to more of the Equestrian Community. Full kits and consumables will now have to be purchased directly from Arc Microtech on the link below, we can however offer a discount code when purchasing direct as we continue to be one of Arc's ambassadors. We also have limited stock of consumables (straps, chargers, etc). All of these will face no customs charges when purchased directly from us whilst stocks last. - use code STK20A

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