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A multi-purpose Aloe Vera and Neem gel packed with nourishing vitamins & minerals for minor wound care. Aloe Vera includes 6 antiseptic agents, as well as being a wonderful skin conditioner. Neem is antibacterial, promotes new, healthy skin tissue, reduces scarring and promotes rapid hair re-growth. 
Neem also gives long-lasting protection from biting insects, flies and midges, so is great for itchy horses/ponies who rub their manes and tails. 

Wunder Gel soothes & moisturises itchy, cracked skin and is easy to apply to those sensitive, scabby areas such as heels and white socks. 
Wunder Gel can be applied to humans & other animals - it should be in every grooming box/tackroom!

Wunder Gel with Neem

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