NEW -REVIVAL MASH from Pegus Horse Feeds - This season's essential for Hunting or Point to Point horses or horses needing extra fibre or warming feed

The advanced recovery formula contain super fibers and Xtrolyte Powder , supports hydration throughout the year particularly at this time of year when the temperature may affect the horse's water intake

Create a warming mash in 5-10 minutes with warm water.


For a free detailed dietry plan please follow the link below.


  • Suitable for all horse and ponies.

    Especially for 

    • Post-competition to support optimum recovery.
    • Following intensive training sessions.
    • After travelling to aid recovery.
    • During periods of illness or convalescence.
    • To provide a high-fibre, low starch mash.
    • To increase thirst response.
  • Protein - 11%

    Oil - 2%

    Fibre - 18.5%