Pegus Horse-health Cube Low GI is a low starch formula fully fortified feed, containing super fibres and high energy fat supplement Rice Bran.


Low Starch Formula
Low GI – High Performance Healthy Digestion
Bone Development
Muscle Development


Research has shown that low glycemic feeds produce more
balanced energy levels due to lower blood sugar and insulin spikes following a meal.


For a free detailed dietry plan please follow the link below.


  • Pegus Horse Health is fully fortified with the Pegus Premuim Equine pre-mix supplement and protein for excellent muscle tone and tissue strength during exercise, with higher levels of antioxidants which are also essential to aid recovery and reduce tissue damage.
    Suitable for all types of horses and ponies, Eventers, Showjumping, Dressage, Showing, late gestation, Store horses, Hunters, Pre-training, racehorses, trotters.

  • Protein - 13%

    Oil - 10%

    Fibre - 17%

    Starch - 13%

    Energy -14%

    Includes Rice Bran