Highly palatable blended sweet feed mix designed to meet the demands of horses in hard work or requiring a faster release speed of energy.

Using only the best tested Irish oats and toasted cereals, this feed provides readily available energy to meet the needs of the horse’s anaerobic respiration during periods of fast and demanding work, as well as providing the organs and tissues with essential vitamins and minerals for improved function.


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  • Also includes Pegus Equine pre-mix supplement and proteins for excellent muscle tone and tissue strength during exercise, higher levels of antioxidants which are essential to aid recovery and reduce tissue damage.

    Pegus blended oil aids stamina and reduces lactic acid
    production, a major factor in limiting performance.

    Suitable for Eventers, Showjumpers, Trotters, Racehorses, Broodmares early lactation, Breeze-ups, Polo, Hunters.

  • Protein - 14%

    Oil - 3.4%

    Fibre - 9.4%