Pegus 25% Supplement pellets is a concentrated source of the industry’s leading Equine pre-mix vitamin and mineral pack. Specially formulated to be used in conjunction with oats or other grains as part of a flexible versatile feeding programme to counter act deficiencies when blending and mixing rations on larger farms and operations.

Pegus 25% Supplement can also be fed as part of calorie controlled diet for horse requiring weight loss or weight control while ensuring all essential nutrients are supplied or while horses and or growing young stock on lush pasture.
Many older horses and ponies can benefit from having additional supplementation of Pegus 25% Supplement into their diets.


For a free detailed dietry plan please follow the link below.


  • Suitable for all types of horse and ponies, over weight foals, mares, yearlings, weight control or loss with all horse types, older horses.

  • Protein - 25%

    Oil - 3.8%

    Fibre - 10.5%


    Mixing Guidelines Oat : 25% Supplement

                                    4:1        3:1      2:1

    Energy MJ/kg   11.8     11.75   11.7

    Protein                  13         13.75   15