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EPSOM SALTS is a feed material for horses containing 100% Pure Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate. 

It should be added to the feed of horses to provide a supplemental source of Magnesium where required, to maintain normal muscle, nerve and gut motility functions.

Epsom Salts have also traditionally been utilised externally for bathing and soaking.

All TRM products are ordered in and not held in stock.

Epsom Salts

  • Adult Horses and Large Ponies: Feed 50g per day
    (approximately 1 scoop enclosed).

    Small ponies, yearlings and weanlings: Feed 25g per day
    (half a scoop).

    Salt Baths: Add 50g per 5l of warm water.

  • Magnesium 10%, Sulphur 14.8%.

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