A really eye catching wall design. Great for training your horses confidence to face any filler designs and will really brighten up your arena. These fillers are 60cm height and 1.15m wide so they fit between both our full size wings and our upright training wings with cross feet.  The Aluminium feet are natural finish silver as standard. The Infill is a very strong and durable pvc material with the highest quality 3M vinyl art work applied to both sides. Our vinyl has UV protective properties to ensure you art work does not fade. We also go the extra mile and apply a clear top layer of protecting anti-scratch proof vinyl to keep your image protected and bright for years. Aluminium requires no maintenance compared to timber and will no weaken in the sun unlike plastic. Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal therefore will never rust.  Fully welded structures for strength & longevity All cut faces are welded for permanent robustness We use the highest quality British manufactured Aluminium which is BN & EN Approved and tensile tested to British and European standards. Specially selected aluminium thickness & tolerances to ensure a safe, robust and long-lasting product. 

Design 4 - Brick Wall Fillers