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Bio Copper Chelate is an oral copper supplement and can help improve the absorption for the copper across the gut wall into the horses’ body.

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Bio Copper Chelate

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  • An adequate intake of the trace mineral copper is essential for cartilage formation and maturation in young growing horses. Studies indicate that a relative deficiency or imbalance of copper can result in abnormal cartilage formation and resilience, leading to joint surface deterioration in growing horses. Copper deficiency is particularly prevalent in the British Isles where soils have low copper levels or in areas where soil has a high Molybdenum level. To ensure the level of copper in the diet is between 20-50 mg/kg of

    total feed consumed a supplement, such as Bio Copper Chelate is recommended. Once weekly intake of Bio Copper is sufficient to provide adequate copper intake as there is storage of copper in the liver.

  • Supplement weekly when at pasture

    • Broodmares & yearlings - 10ml weekly
    • Weanling – 10ml every 2 weeks.
    • Horses in training or preparation for sales – 10ml weekly

    Days Supply:          1l (fed at maintenance)- 40 days

    Days Supply: 1.2kg (fed at maintenance)- 120 days

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